Component information


  • Updatable device firmware, both upgrading as well as downgrading
  • Secure communications between devices & backend (HTTPS/TLSv1.3, X509 chains)
  • Device provisioning & device personalisation
  • Differential updates, only send the difference between the origin firmware and the desired destination firmware image
  • Firmware package generator including Docker support and pre-installed VM image; no difficult dependencies: get started with developing updatable firmware instantly
  • Support for ‘sub-systems’: support multiple ‘IOT’ devices from one firmware-gateway
  • Easy integration in existing products and environments
  • Continuous integration and testing, optionally continuous deployment


  • Reference “distribution” based on 100% open source vanilla software, will get maintenance (*) without any EOL deadline
  • Contains a device agent for communication with the backend system
  • Device agent can be optionally implemented without any open source software: this allows for a device firmware image without any GPL/license problems
  • Atomic A/B updates, only one (root) filesystem is active at a time; the other can be used as a fallback in case any software update (or downgrade) fails
  • Firmware package signature verification and firmware package decryption
  • Reference factory flashing software for high-speed and reliable initial flashing of devices
  • Reference IOT applications for reading sensors, writing to actuators, remote logging, monitoring, simple Scada¬†solution
  • Can also act as router¬†or wifi access point


  • Programmable REST API with Swagger documentation (try it in your browser)
  • Responsive management UI
  • Backend-as-a-service (managed hosting)
  • Designed with scalability in mind
  • Central collection of logging from all your devices

(*) free maintenance will be supplied based on master & LTS branches of origin components (see, and check for LTS releases)